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South Greenville School

South Greenville School(SGS) rises as a new corporate educational institution that is very eager and aggressive to face the challenges of the new millennium. To the Greenvillians,education is both a social responsibility and a ceaseless commitment to help students do their best to become responsible and useful citizens of the community.

With the concerted efforts of the Board of Trustees,faculty and staff and with the unselfish cooperation of the parents and students, SGS will continue providing quality education that is responsive to the demands of the new global environment.

To the parents, we bring to you more reasons why you are right in choosing South Greenville School as your partner in educating your children.

In this light, we have endeavored to provide in this website everything that will enable the students and the parents to know about SGS- vision, mission, policies and procedures,curricular programs, disciplinary measures and the like.

This has been prepared for you, the students of South Greenville School, to make you understand and realize what the school expects from you as students, as well as how the school in turn will respond to your needs.

We earnestly enjoin you then to familiarize yourself with the contents of this website. It will provide valuable guide and will make your academic life pleasant and interesting,challenging, self-fulfilling, and meaningful.